Complete your smile with teeth whitening

Tooth Whitening Clinic

Tooth whitening is a well established procedure in cosmetic dentistry.

It can provide an excellent, more conservative, alternative treatment option (compared to crowns, veneers etc.) to improve the aesthetics of your smile.  Your teeth can be restored to their original colour, or probably to a lighter shade than ever before! You can also buy home kits.

The legal, safe and successful way to permanently whiten your teeth

It is illegal to have your teeth whitened by anyone other than a qualified dentist.

Any clinic providing this service without a qualified dentist; if reported will be closed down by the national dental body.

What’s involved within the treatment?

The technique requires you to wear a specially made clear whitening tray over your teeth for 2-3 hours or overnight for 7-10 days. This is effective on 95% of all discoloured teeth.

However results and treatment times may vary from person to person. It will not enhance the whiteness of crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings.

Tooth whitening works best on a healthy, stable mouth. Any decay or gum disease should be treated first. For teeth whitening in London and Hertfordshire, visit this website.

Teeth whitening London – F.A.Q’s

  1. Q) Is it safe?
  2. A) Yes, teeth whitening procedures carried out by trained professionals will be completely safe.
  3. Q) How long is the appointment?
  4. A) The initial appointment is 15 minutes, in which impressions are taken.  A second appointment is required 2 weeks later for a further 15 minutes to collect trays and whitening gel, you will also receive a short demonstration.
  5. Q) How long does it take to work?
  6. A) On average, this takes around 7-10 days.
  7. Q) Does it hurt?
  8. A) No, most patients say they feel no discomfort at all.
  9. Q) Are there side effects?
  10. A) There are rarely any side effects, but sometimes patients experience a little sensitivity.
  11. Q) Does it last?
  12. A) Yes, although it may need repeating occasionally to “top up” your whitening.

Do you need more information about teeth whitening treatments before going ahead? Take a look at Zeta Dental.

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