Online GP Service

PHO2  is a fully accredited professional online medical consultation service… allowing patients, who may find it difficult or inconvenient to visit their own doctor, to obtain private prescription medicines from a UK doctor online.

As a healthcare service, privacy is paramount for us.

The service was set up by experienced UK GPs, to provide safe and convenient access and advice for patients seeking treatments increasingly unavailable on the NHS. Doctors also recognised that there are some patients who may find it difficult to discuss sensitive or embarrassing issues with their own family doctor – although we would generally always recommend this as a first resort.

We have a dispensing arrangement with Pharmacy2U – a large UK pharmacy.

They manage the dispensing, payment and delivery of medications prescribed on the site.

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About PHO2

Prescription2Home is based in the UK and is fully accredited to deliver healthcare treatment and advice by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Visitors to the site may request an online consultation with the UK registered doctor, to be prescribed products online, and have them delivered directly to their home. As with any prescriptions, they must be approved and raised by a qualified doctor. Prescription2Home prescription requests are reviewed by doctors who are all GMC registered and who are all experienced General Practitioners (GPs).

In the UK doctors prescribe medicines and Pharmacists dispense medicines. There is a well-defined separation of responsibilities between the two. In order to ensure that this separation is watertight, we operate within a contractual agreement with the UK registered pharmacy, Pharmacy2U. Pharmacy2U receives our prescriptions electronically and manages the dispensing, payment and delivery of the medicines direct to the patient’s address.

All our data cabling and tech support were supplied by ACCL in London. Cabling was installed in our London headquarters to make the entire IT infrastructure work flawlessly. We had inherited an internal IT system that was inefficient.

Our Difference

Prescription2Home is one of only a handful of websites accredited to prescribe and deliver treatment online in the UK. We are accredited, regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – providing the best possible guarantee of safety and professionalism in healthcare.

Prescription2Home was set up by practising GPs in the UK – who could see first-hand the issues emerging around squeezed NHS services and treatments. They decided to develop a simple and convenient solution that would provide individuals with safe and reliable access to qualified doctors and certain follow up treatments online.

Many of the medical conditions addressed by Prescription2Home doctors are increasingly either unavailable or rationed, by the NHS. This trend is expected to continue, as NHS budgets continue to get squeezed further. Many of these conditions are associated with a better quality of life for people.

Prescription2Home provides a way of obtaining these products safely, conveniently, affordably, and discreetly.

Online Consultations with an Experienced Doctor

In some cases patients may be unable, or unwilling, to visit their family GP. It may be difficult for them to travel to the doctor’s surgery, or they may feel embarrassed about discussing certain personal issues with the doctor known to their family.

Prescription2Home offers discrete, secure online consultations for a range of conditions including erectile dysfunction, smoking cessation, obesity, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

UK Qualified and Registered Doctors

We only work with experienced GP Doctors, who have undergone and completed extensive training in the UK. All our doctors are registered with the GMC (General medical Council).

Our Approach

We are committed to making sure that…

  • You always receive the safest and most appropriate medical advice
  • You can obtain advice and medicines in the simplest and most convenient way

As part of the online consultation with a doctor, you will be required to provide relevant information about your health and your health condition. Your responses help our doctors decide if medication is suitable for you – based on their knowledge of the condition, treatments, and effects.

If one of our doctors is concerned about your request they will contact you directly (you can choose whether the doctor contacts you by text, email, or phone). Our doctors will NOT approve prescription requests if there is even a small chance that medication is unsuitable or unsafe for you.

We aim to make the process of safely obtaining advice and treatment as smooth as possible for you.

You can raise questions for our doctors easily and securely on our website, as long as you are registered with us. Registration also allows you to view your past orders, making it easy to re-order them. Repeat and Refill prescriptions can be requested easily.

Our delivery performance is exceptionally high, with 95% of orders received at Pharmacy2U before 3.30pm on working days being despatched for delivery the same day. (For orders placed outside of these times, please see the Delivery section)

The Online Prescription Process

Many people believe that prescriptions can only be provided as a result of a face to face consultation with a GP. This is not true. We are accredited by the Care Quality Commission to offer private prescriptions without a face to face consultation (by phone or online), as a result of the safety and effectiveness of the process, and how well patient safety is protected.

From the Prescription2Home site, you can select the condition for which you are seeking treatment. For each condition, helpful information explains more about that condition and the range of possible treatments. You can then select the treatment that you require.

Our doctors will assure themselves that the treatment is safe and appropriate for you by asking you to complete a number of questions related to your own health history. Our doctors will review your responses, and make their decision based on these. This process is designed to protect you, and ensure that you are not being prescribed treatment that may potentially be harmful to you.

If the doctor feels that he/she needs more detailed information they will contact you directly (either through email or mobile phone) for supplementary information.

Once your prescription has been approved it is sent electronically to Pharmacy2U, a registered UK pharmacy that manages payment, dispensing and despatch of your medicines directly to your home address.

How We Are Regulated

All healthcare organisations in the UK are regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Very few have CQC accreditation to operate online. Prescription2Home has been accredited to deliver advice and treatment online by the CQC following an extensive review of patient safety, reliable processes, and service levels.

Pharmacy2U (Registered number 1090088) is regulated and monitored by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and is a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPS).

All of our doctors are GMC Registered and UK trained and qualified, having many years’ experience in UK General Practice.

As a medical provider, we take security and privacy very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – ensuring our compliance with the Data Protection Act. Please see our Privacy Notice and Security Statement for more information.

Customer Feedback

We are passionate about offering the very best service we can. To assess how well we are delivering against our customers’ expectations, we give every single customer the opportunity to provide very simple feedback on our service. Feedback is completely optional, and we’ve made sure that it takes no more than a few seconds.

We ask customers how well they felt we performed on their order overall, and to highlight (if they want to) one thing that we could have done better.

We have deliberately made this process anonymous, quick and easy… to encourage as much response as possible. We believe that this will help us learn and improve.

When we receive suggestions for improvement we formally review the way we work and look at ways to make things better. The feedback scores are reviewed daily and displayed on the site.

The intention of reporting feedback scores is to provide customers with the increased confidence that comes from knowing how a group of other visitors felt about using our service.

Privacy & Security

As a healthcare service, privacy is paramount for us.

We recognise the concerns that individuals may sometimes have when dealing with healthcare service providers – whether they’re online or offline. We have developed an approach to privacy that not only meet the required regulatory standards, but that’s also easy for customers to understand.

We aim to provide “peace of mind” to every customer using, or wishing to use, the Prescription2Home site. You can review our Privacy Notice for more information on our policy and procedures.

The security of our customers’ personal data is also of critical importance to us. Our registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the agency responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act in the UK) and our Security Statement demonstrates our commitment to protecting personal data.

Prescription2Home uses state of the art “Cloud” hosting for all servers delivering our site services. This approach virtually guarantees 100% availability. Enterprise standard Firewalls and Anti-virus software protect against unauthorised attempts at access. Continuous backups, stored at different physical locations, ensure the safety, reliability, and accuracy of data held on our servers.

Physical security controls mean that no physical access is allowed to our server storage facility without proof of identity for a named group of authorised people.

All financial and credit card information is managed on our behalf. As a result, we do not store any personal financial information on our own servers – payment processes are managed by our processing partner – Pharmacy2U, who are fully compliant for online card processing

Personal medical information stored on our servers is encrypted to the very highest levels, ensuring absolute security.